Caring for Marble

Daily and periodic care

Elegant, versatile and durable as it is, marble, like any other surface, needs conditioning, cleaning, care and maintenance to preserve its beauty and prolong its life. Because it is absorbent, marble need special care – it can stain with spillages like liquids or oil, and is sensitive to acids like citrus juices, vinegar or household cleaning chemicals, which can damage its surface. When used externally, it is vulnerable to acid rain or pollutants in the atmosphere, which erode and discolor its surface. But, taking care of your marble as soon as you install it will go a long way to preserve it, and save restoration costs in the long run.

Daily care
Sweep using a soft brush for polished surfaces, and medium bristles for a textured surface. You can also vacuum, as long as the cleaner is in good condition – worn vacuum can scratch your marble – to remove dust. Or dry mop every day, using a non treated cloth.

Kitchen counters
Ideally, granite is best as a kitchen countertop, because it is very hygienic and easy to clean. If you decide on marble, however, (it does create a very European feel) then honed (natural finish with no shine) is best, as it is easier to manage. You can scrub your honed marble counter using abrasives, bleach and soaps with a scouring pad without worrying about damage. Rinse well and dry afterwards using a soft cloth.

Remove excess water immediately using a squeegee. Hard water is particularly damaging to stone, so clean up using a neutral soap scum powder or a solution of half a cup of ammonia in one gallon of water once a month or so. Use mild bleach in clear water in hot tubs to remove algae or moss.

Keep steps, paths, walkways, and garden ornaments free from dirt by sweeping and washing often.

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